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Ultimate Frisbee

Members vs. Staff

Challenge 2

Ultimate Frisbee Match

Wednesday 25th February

9pm – 10pm

We are hosting the second Staff Vs Members event of the year on Wednesday 25th February. Last month’s challenge was football which saw the members score a last minute goal to win the match 4-3.

This month’s sport is Ultimate Frisbee which has never been played in a Staff Vs Members event before.

 If you are interested, call us on 01708446526 or email

 Is Ultimate Frisbee for you? Here are some of the rules:

• Equipment needed: flying disc (Frisbee)

• 7 players per side

• Points are scored by catching the Frisbee in the oppositions end zone

• No moving allowed with the Frisbee in hand (pivot only)

• Max of 10 seconds allowed in possession of the Frisbee

• Interceptions and incomplete passes allow possession of the Frisbee to be turned over.

• Incomplete passes defined as Frisbee hitting the floor or wall, drops and stray passes.

• Interceptions are the opposition catching or knocking the Frisbee to the floor

 Hope to see you there,

 Abbs Cross Health and Fitness Team

GRIT Series

Introducing Les Mills GRIT Series

Abbs Cross Health and Fitness brings you the latest and greatest in Group Exercise from Les Mills. The GRIT series. Running 3 times a week, these 30min classes will test your fitness, strength and determination to the highest level.

To find out when the classes are, please visit our group exercise timetable.